Manage your emotions for optimal mental wellness through our courses.

Zenomi is a mental wellness platform for young people that provides you with tools and knowledge to better understand yourself and live a full and meaningful life.

The Zenomi Health Story

Hi! I am Dr. Himabindu Ravi,

I am a medical doctor with an MD in Psychiatry, specializing in young adult mental health. I founded Zenomi Health with the goal of helping young people become better versions of themselves. In these modern times, young people face multiple challenges, such as work and academic stress, peer pressure, and relationship issues.
My goal is to aid young adults in their journey of self improvement by helping them develop their problem solving skills, emotional regulation, and decision making abilities which they can implement in their daily life in order to blossom and thrive in their workplace, have fulfilling relationships, and improve overall productivity.

Introducing Empower with Basics
A 4 course bundle to get started on
your journey of self improvement!

Our Courses

Get to Know Yourself

Understanding oneself is key to thriving! What makes you tick? What are your emotional triggers?

Emotions 101

Learn about the basics of emotions. What are emotions? Where and how are emotions formed?

Emotional Regulation

Can we change the way we feel about any situation?
Learn how to become
self aware.

Building Resilience

Learn to cope with challenges and create connected pathways in your brain that lead to. long term well being.

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Our Vision

Zenomi Health is committed to helping young people improve their mental well-being. We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and resources necessary to reach their full potential. Towards this goal, we offer courses, workshops, and other evidence based and neuroscience informed educational tools to help you achieve your full potential and live your best life.

Neuroscience proves that our emotions play a big role in all our Decision Making

Why manage your emotions?
1. Emotions are an integral part of our life and influence our minute-to-minute decision-making.
2. This knowledge helps you deal with stress and problems in your everyday life at work, school and relationships.
See yourself thrive with courses on our mental wellness platform.


Managing multiple tasks effectively by learning to Prioritize
Our young members report

100 % believe they need help with emotion regulation

96 % find the tools to regulate emotions helpful in solving their everyday problems

94% saw a positive change in their mental health in 6 weeks

Benefits of investing in your mental well being

Less Distracted Increased Focus

Less Conflict In Relationships Sense of Peace and Well-being

Less blah- More Excitement About the Future

Less stuck- More Forward Thinking

Why should young people focus on their mental well-being?

Feeling overwhelmed with academics or work has become a common problem.

50 to 80 percent of young people are stressed and anxious at any given moment.

Young people today are facing challenges on a daily basis.


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